Bota Panama

The boot for authentic adventurers – made in Spain since 1989.

Its form and materials have changed but the essence remains unchanged.

Bota Panama

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An allrounder boot thought for every circumstance. We investigate and improve our product daily in order to make it more durable and comfortable.

Different kinds of leather, inner linings and details, but always with a focus on comfort.

The boot has been an icon in many Ruta Quetzal expeditions and other projects such as the Atapuerca excavations in 1992.


“Ready for my next destination, I need nothing apart from my Panama Jacks and my suitcase in order to travel the world.”
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“Together for 20 years and hundreds of kilometers.”

”With them I can walk to the end of the world.”

“Every journey, even if it has 1000 leagues, begins with a first step.”

“The Great Wall, conquered together with them step by step.”